Bayyinah’s 5.5 Month Full-Time Arabic Program

Founded in 2010, the Bayyinah Dream Program is a full-time, 5.5-month Arabic intensive located in Irving, Texas, USA. The Dream Program is designed for those who want to dive into the ocean of Quran and Arabic. It is an extremely intensive program, and is not for those who merely want a taste. A student’s success demands sincerity, dedication, and hard work from both students and staff. To ensure this is possible, we aim to ensure that every aspect of the program is unmatched in its professionalism and quality.

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The Dream program’s main focus is the Quran. Over 5.5 months, students gain the ability to linguistically analyze the Quran and understand the nuances involved in its translation. Students are also able to navigate basic Islamic texts and understand complex linguistic tools.

7:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

The Dream program has a dedicated team of qualified and trained instructors that facilitate student learning. Instructors provide students with individual attention in group sessions and after class hours.

6 Years and Counting

The Dream program was founded in 2010 and we are currently in the 6th year of running the program. We have worked on evolving every aspect of the program from its curriculum to its materials and activities.

Classical meets Contemporary

The program teaches both the classical Arabic of the Quran, Sunnah, and other Islamic texts and Modern Standard Arabic. Its teaching methodology is designed in recognition of the fact that most graduates will continue to live in non-Arab society but will still want to engage the Arabic language for spiritual and intellectual enrichment.

Dream Curriculum

The Dream curriculum provides students the classical Arabic language skills necessary for further Islamic studies. The curriculum is designed to make complex Arabic grammar simple, easy, and fun! Graduates of the previously 9-month Dream program have continued their Islamic Studies at institutions such as IIUM (Malaysia), Qalam Institute, Zaytuna College, Nadwatul Ulama (India), SOAS (UK), and others. Many of them successfully tested out of 2+ years of Arabic requirements.

Dream-Exclusive Materials

Over the past 6 years, the Dream faculty has developed focused materials that cater to the goals of the program. Students are provided with the Dream program’s textbooks, workbooks, Arabic reader, and more.

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