However, you may still review the information below in order to prepare for the next cycle. Please remember that requirements may be subject to change from year to year. Make sure to review the latest information again once the application process begins next year.

Dream Application Deadline

All requirements and interview must be completed by August 1st, 2017.

Dream Application Checklist

Application Fee: $49*
*This is a refundable fee upon request if an applicant does not obtain admission


1. Create your profile on the online DreamApp
Our online DreamApp gives you the opportunity to work on your application over several sessions using your username and password. You will complete your personal information, prerequisites and schedule your phone interview all within the DreamApp.

2. Prerequisites
There are three prerequisites in place to ensure that every student entering Dream is in a position to excel and succeed in the program. The prerequisites prepare students for the rigorous Arabic and Quran curriculum by focusing on 3 fundamental areas: Reading, Writing, and Grammar. Our admissions team will work with you to ensure that you meet the requirements.

a. Basic Reading: for the reading requirement you will have to read fluently from an Arabic Quran.

b. Basic Writing: for the writing requirement you will listen to a portion of the Quran and write what you hear to the best of your ability.

c. Basic Grammar: for the grammar requirement you will watch a series of introductory grammar videos and take a quiz based on the videos.

3. Recommendation letters

After completing the admissions requirements you will be asked to provide 2 recommendation letters from a trustworthy source in the community. These can be from your imams, community leaders, employers, teachers, etc. The letters should explain why you will be a good choice for the program. You may also provide a third optional letter from a family member or friend.

4. Phone Interview
Upon completion of the prerequisites, you will be prompted to schedule an interview with an admissions counselor. After the interview, you will have an opportunity to ask any remaining questions or concerns.

After successfully completing your application and interview, you will receive an admissions notice via email within two weeks.

Deposit and Tuition

To secure your seat in the upcoming class you will have to submit a $1750 refundable tuition deposit within 4 weeks of receiving your acceptance notice. The total tuition is $7,750. The remaining tuition of $6,000 must be paid within two months of the tuition deposit. Alternative payment plan options can be discussed with an admissions officer on a case-by-case basis, however, keep in mind that tuition must be paid in full prior to the first day of class.

Living Costs

Bayyinah Dream does not offer living arrangements or expenses. Our admissions team will recommend accommodation and add students to an email group to figure out roommate arrangements. Men and women are split into two separate email and chat groups for this purpose.

Here is an estimate of living expenses based on students from previous years:

  • 2 students in a 2 bedroom 2 bath – the average cost per student for rent and utilities was $600.
  • 4 students in a 2 bedroom 2 bath – the average cost per student for rent and utilities was $350.