The Bayyinah Dream program is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is home to a vibrant Muslim community. Our students have access to at least 20 different masjids in the area, where they may pray their daily prayers, attend Jumuah khutbahs, benefit from weekly Islamic classes and halaqahs, and participate in community service projects such as local soup kitchens, refugee projects, and youth programs.

The DFW area is home to many renowned scholars and community workers including Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, Sh Abdul Nasir Jangda, Sh Yaser Birjas, Sh Omar Suleiman, Mufti Hussain Kamani, Imam Zia Sheikh, Sh Mokhtar Maghraoui, Sh Shpendim Nadzaku, Ustadh AbdelRahman Murphy, and many more.



Fuseina Mohamad
Dream 2012 Student
“But what’s impossible to capture in an essay is the love that we found at Dream. We didn’t have a campus, we had a home. We weren’t classmates, we were brothers and sisters.”

Mahia Patel
Dream 2016 Student
My experience at Dream has been amazing so far, Alhamdulillah. Each day, we learn more reasons to appreciate the Qur’an and the beauty of its language. Our teachers and TAs make class exciting for us, and they motivate us to aim higher. It has been an incredible couple of months Alhamdulillah.

Midhat Patel
Dream 2014 Student
“Every part of my life has changed, from my eating and sleeping habits to the amount of Qur’an I can read and understand in a day. My forms of entertainment, value for time, respect and understanding of the miraculous nature of the Qur’an, and knowledge of my role in the Muslim community have been irrevocably and positively impacted.”

Campus Tour

Alhamdulillah, Dream will be moving into a new home starting this upcoming class of Dream 2017-2018. This campus will be located in Bayyinah’s new state of the art headquarters in Dallas, TX.

Stay tuned for pictures of our new campus.

Our new campus is located at the Bayyinah Euless Musalla: